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Seattle Viaduct

Since I moved to Seattle in March 2006 I have been hearing this discussion on what to do with the viaduct.  I have talked to everyone who will listen, but I think this video sums up my view perfectly. Enjoy! … Continue reading

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I’m over the Huffington Post…

There was a time when I thought the Huffington Post was a interesting website, primarily because it wasn’t the typical news site (existing newspaper/channel) and I like all things new. Since the beginning of year I have noticed that the … Continue reading

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Gas-Tax Holiday

I am curious about something… if McCain and H.Clinton get there way and suspend the federal gas tax (18.4 cents/gallon) for 3 months, what spending are they going to cut? I think people love the idea of less tax, but … Continue reading

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If you were born after 1958…

You have never had a chance to choose a candidate from a presidential ballot that didn’t have the last name “Bush” or “Clinton” on it. In fact 1996 is only the only year you have had no Bush on the … Continue reading

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Don’t put people in a box

Obama isn’t getting the “Latino vote” Huckabee has the “white evangelical vote” My blood starts to boil when I hear those types of words coming out of peoples mouths. People are more valuable… more complex than the marketing firms and … Continue reading

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Sports Illustrated

I have always enjoyed reading Sports Illustrated every week, but lately I have felt like I get enough sports news on websites and rss feeds. I want something different. I have been thinking of possibly subscribing to the Economist, but … Continue reading

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Is Barack Obama Muslim?

As I was enjoying the sound of Kelly’s voice in the other room as she talked on the phone with a friend… I heard the subject of politics come up. This surprised me a bit due to the fact that … Continue reading

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I want to thank Joe and David for commenting on my post regarding Religious Pluralism. However, I do want to clarify my thoughts… I fully support the separation of Church and State, and also the first amendment. My question was … Continue reading

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Religious Pluralism

Yesterday was the first of what I am sure will be many debates between the countless (eight) candidates vying for the democratic presidential nomination. I haven’t paid attention to the views on the most of the candidates, but I did … Continue reading

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Pro-War? Anti-War?

As I was sitting on the plane waiting for everyone to sit down I looked outside and saw something that I had never seen before. 4 fire trucks, 2 police cars, and a hearse. I was immediately drawn into the … Continue reading

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