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NFL Playoffs 2009.01.10

Ravens over Titans Panthers over Cardinals Giants over Eagles Chargers over Steelers

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NFL Playoffs – Working Class weekend

Alright, here are my picks for the working class playoff weekend: Arizona over Atlanta Indianapolis over San Diego Baltimore over Miami Minnesota over Philadelphia

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January ’09 Manifesto

Spend less than $200 for food for the entire month Buy an alarm clock (so that I won’t have my iPhone on my bedside stand) Run a 5k in less than 25 min (my personal best is 25:50) Play Wii … Continue reading

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Ocarina iPhone App Review

I really love my iPhone but there are times when I can go through a dry period where I think the gadget is getting stale.  Oh… but that dang App Store keeps me coming back.  Recently I discovered Ocarina developed … Continue reading

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Gallup Daily?? No longer the authoritative source!!

I never paid much attention to polls, possibly because when I am polled I don’t really put much thought into the questions they are asking and the answers I give. Now we have My buddy Gil turned me on … Continue reading

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I’m over the Huffington Post…

There was a time when I thought the Huffington Post was a interesting website, primarily because it wasn’t the typical news site (existing newspaper/channel) and I like all things new. Since the beginning of year I have noticed that the … Continue reading

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Random quotes from my visit to the Taco Bus

Tonight Kelly and I wanted a quick meal… and is there anything better than Taco Bus??? As I was waiting for Kellys burrito and my 4 tacos I overheard a couple memorable quotes: Older lady: Do you like to cook?? … Continue reading

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Blogging from my iPhone

WordPress released a new iPhone app. Just wanted to test it out.

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Fun the in the Sun

Kelly has a great post over on her blog about my adventure today. Check it out: Kid at Heart

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So long Comcast

We have been thinking about canceling our Comcast TV service lately, but we just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Tomorrow I am canceling… How did I get to this point?  Wanting to be outside more?  Sure.  Wanting to … Continue reading

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