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kick in the pants

Last year I set out to read 12 books… 1 a month.  Sounds simple enough.  Well, I hit a 1200 page wall named Atlas Shrugged.  I will admit that I was enjoying the book, but damn it was big and … Continue reading

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book project

I have a confession that probably won’t surprise too many people… I don’t read very many books.  It really hit me last year when I starting forming the majority of my thoughts in 140 characters or less 😉 So I … Continue reading

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SF Giants 2010

Just because I moved from Cali to Seattle 4 years ago doesn’t mean I don’t still bleed orange and black.  Today the SF Giants beat the Astros 5-2 in their season opener.  I was a bit nervous since the Giants … Continue reading

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Portland Marathon

Well I did it!  3 hours, 58 minutes, 43 seconds. Here is how it went down: I woke up at 5:15am Sunday morning.  Straight away I went downstairs ate a toasted bagel, banana and a big glass of water.  Next … Continue reading

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Running Resources

Every time I start a new hobby (fantasy football, cycling, running) I always try and find the most efficient tools to help me get going.  Here are a few things that have helped me so far in my quest for … Continue reading

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Marathon before 30?

Last fall my buddy Tom from work asked if I wanted to run a 5k… I should have known that with my addictive personality that the 5k was just the beginning.  Since then I have run two 5k’s, a 10k, … Continue reading

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I started a new job last summer and one of my favorites aspects has been the exposure to Linux.  I have been a “Windows” system admin for 10 years now so it feels good to learn something new.  I am … Continue reading

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Seattle Viaduct

Since I moved to Seattle in March 2006 I have been hearing this discussion on what to do with the viaduct.  I have talked to everyone who will listen, but I think this video sums up my view perfectly. Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Superbowl XLIII

The 2008 NFL season will come to an end tomorrow and with it I see a huge sea change. Jon Gruden is no longer the hard working genius, Shananhan isn’t untouchable, and Dungy decided to retire while Peyton is still … Continue reading

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NFL Playoffs 2009.01.18

Eagles over Cardinals Steelers over Ravens

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