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Although I would be happy with any of those players, my pick for the 2008 NBA MVP is a player on the New Orleans Hornets. I know what you are thinking… New Orleans has a NBA team??

Well listen up folks. Chris Paul is averaging a double double and is leading the NBA in assists and steals. As of April 3rd he has lead his team to the best record in the Western Conference. All this and he is only 22 years old. So what do you people think?? Kobe? LeBron? KG? CP3?

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  1. Steve says:

    I think Chris Paul should take it no problem. He’s the difference on that team whereas other teams can still win without there star player, Chris Paul is irreplaceable. I heard recently that Reggie Bush is quite irritated that he hasn’t been able to come through for the city of New Orleans the way that Chris Paul has, but rumor has it he is angry about this and determined to change it this coming year. It is a who dat year ahead of us.

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