If you were born after 1958…

You have never had a chance to choose a candidate from a presidential ballot that didn’t have the last name “Bush” or “Clinton” on it. In fact 1996 is only the only year you have had no Bush on the ballot.

I think it is quite unhealthy to have two families controlling our country for such a long time period.

Another tidbit of information to chew on. Let’s say Clinton gets elected this year, and then re-elected in 2012. Guess who will be legally able to run for the presidency in 2016… Chelsea Clinton!! She will be 36 that year. Alright, so maybe that is too unlikely. Well, don’t forget about the current Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. He would be 63 and ready to redeem the Bush name!!

Bush - Clinton

1980 (Reagan – Bush) | (Carter – Mondale)
1984 (Reagan – Bush) | (Mondale – Ferraro)
1988 (Bush – Quayle) | (Dukakis – Bentsen)
1992 (Clinton – Gore) | (Bush – Quayle)
1996 (Clinton – Gore) | (Dole – Kemp)
2000 (Bush – Cheney) | (Gore – Lieberman)
2004 (Bush – Cheney) | (Kerry – Edwards)

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2 Responses to If you were born after 1958…

  1. Eugene says:

    So, Jeb bush next for 8 years. And then Chelsea for another 8 years.

  2. david says:

    that is really scary.

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