Don’t put people in a box

Obama isn’t getting the “Latino vote”
Huckabee has the “white evangelical vote”

My blood starts to boil when I hear those types of words coming out of peoples mouths. People are more valuable… more complex than the marketing firms and political analysts out there care to believe. I’m in the 25 – 40 demographic… I’m White… I’m a Christian. Does that mean that I will vote or buy the same durable goods that every other Christian whitey in their 20’s or 30’s??? I highly doubt it. The problem is they don’t want to know us… they just want to label us.


I know that it would extremely convenient to just be able to label each person, put them in a box on a shelf and forget about them… but its not that easy. Deep down at our core we want to know and also… we want to be known.

So please… don’t put people in a box.

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  1. steve says:

    “he problem is they don’t want to know us… they just want to label us.” This has been resonating in my heart for quite some time and you just happened to put it into words. Since I am studying theology, which we all are. I would venture to say, that people really don’t want to know God, they want to label him with doctrines. As I study doctrines more and more I realize they are dynamic things that appear to many as static. It is much easier to deal with static as opposed to dynamic. You feel me dog?

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