Wild Card Weekend

We have finally reached the NFL playoffs and I have to say that I am actually NFL_logo-fullpretty excited.  The local Seattle Seahawks are in the playoffs, and we have the possibility of witnessing the second undefeated season in the history of the NFL.  The top two teams in each conference have a bye this week, so I guess we are stuck watching the “working middle class” this weekend.

Here are my picks:

Redskins will go into Seattle and win easily, but not a blowout: 28-14

Jaguars will also win on the road in Pittsburgh.  I predict a tight game: 24-21

The well-rested Buccaneers will lose big to the Giants: 35-10

And the only home team that will win this weekend… the Chargers should handle the injury depleted Titans: 28-10

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2 Responses to Wild Card Weekend

  1. bz says:

    I disagree my friend….Seattle 24 Redskins 17 🙂

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