Insight from Chip

I follow Chip Ingram’s blog and he had some great practical advice today:

You really get to know someone a lot better working with them and trying to accomplish something bigger than yourselves than you do by just sitting around a table talking.

I have encountered two examples of this theory as of late. Over the last couple months my wife and I were stuck in our garage putting up a garage door opener and I learned that she has a great ability to organize her thoughts and visualize a 2d drawing into a real life project.

Then just last weekend I went on a 25 mile bike ride (Seattle to the Mercer Island Loop and back) with my neighbor and we actually had a great conversation about work, life, fatherhood, dreams for our marriages, and the beauty of the Seattle area.

I guess Chip knows a thing or two about connecting with people. I am going to strive to be involved in more activities outside of just sitting at a cafe or on the sofa with someone.

Here is the blog post I was referring to:

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