Pro-War? Anti-War?

As I was sitting on the plane waiting for everyone to sit down I looked outside and saw something that I had never seen before. 4 fire trucks, 2 police cars, and a hearse. I was immediately drawn into the situation. Who could it be? Who is this important? After a few minutes I could see the casket… covered in an American Flag. Red, White, and Blue.

I can’t really tell you why but my mind went straight to my Dad. My Dad was in the Vietnam war. I was feeling quite afraid that “what if my Dad had died in the war”. Then I was getting mad that we have troops in Iraq. But then I started thinking that unless my Dad was brave enough to go to war I might not have this comfortable life.

Pro-War? Anti-War?

In Seattle at this point in time its seems to be very popular or hip to be Anti-War. I guess my feelings is that it is as subjective a topic as anything else. I would tend to say I am more against the current war in Iraq… however I am in favor of the war in Afghanistan, the pending war in Iran??? I haven’t decided my views on that just yet.

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  1. CHEF says:

    war is not cool… watch IRAQ FOR SALE… amen.

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