visiting my hometown for the holidays

For me it always brings back a flood of emotions…

Seeing mom and dad. Seeing my sister. Visiting with old friends from high school. The first couple days when I go home for a visit I always feel like my ex-girlfriend is going to be stopping over at anytime. Swed and Scotty should be calling at anytime to go frisbee golfing…

Then reality sets in and I realize that my ex, Swed, and Scotty are all married. Scotty is the only one without kids. I can’t explain how strange it feels. I left after high school so I remember all those faces as they were 8 years ago.

I am also really lucky because I have a great family in Mn. I feel true love from them all the time. The kind of love that is a choice (like I am going to support and love this person no matter what) not the cheap “puppy dog” love that are just words.

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