Follow up on March Manifesto

Here is the update on the March Manifesto

Issue 1: Reading the word
— I did not stick to reading as much as I said I would and I have addressed that in the April Manifesto. I think the problem was that I didnt have any direction, so in April I am choosing to read and study one chapter from the bible.

Issue 2: Diet
— I had pizza once and I also had 1 medium curly fry from Jack in the Crack. The pizza was consumed during a lunch meeting at work, so I think it was legit. But the fries was a big time mistake. I fell into temptation. The salad part was a complete joke. I maybe had 2 salads all month. I am going to put a lot more effort into the salad portion of the goal in April.

Issue 3: Fitness
— I ran hot and cold on this issue. I would go 4 or 5 days in row of exercising every day, and then I wouldn’t do jack for a few days. I am revising this goal for April to wake up earlier and walk in the mornings.

Issue 4: Finances
— I did perfect on this goal. Zero spending on the cards, and if fact I called the credit card people and had my APR lowered. So I just need to keep up the hard work.

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